Panama is a place of exploration and attractions. When you are an outsider, it is always feasible to hire a taxi for roaming. The city is full of taxi drivers and getting a cab is not tough. But, this could happen only when the time is not for tourism. You will probably find problems as 99% of taxis are in busy route. And this could let you wait for a long time. But the best part as of now is that you can cut the time to few minutes, say, just 5 to get the empty cab. It has become possible only with PCB taxi for which you have to pay minimal.

The charges under Panama Taxi are based on zones. There is a fixed price for one zone to another. To find out the exact rate, you should ask a local taxi service agency. If you ask a cab driver for the rates, he will befool you by telling the double fares. This will let you fall in a dig of higher rates. By the time you get the right price, the best thing to do is pay the charges and get off the drive.

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